Summer Comfort

The installation of a central air conditioning system may prove too costly or may be impractical as a retrofit improvement. Alternative measures can be applied to reduce heat gain. This is the sun’s negative impact on summer comfort. The premise is that if heat gain can be greatly reduced, there may not be the perceived need to add major air conditioning equipment.

The following are common heat gain reduction and/or comfort related improvements:

– Install a dehumidifier in the basement.

– Install a dehumidifier centrally located in the living area of the house/dwelling unit.

– Leave the furnace fan on continuous operation.

– Use window blinds/shutters to shield entry of sun.

– Exterior awnings can be installed above south facing windows and doors.

– Leave operating windows open during the evening and closed during the day.

– Install 3-speed reversible ceiling fans in bedrooms and in common living areas.

– Install window air conditioning unit on second floor.

– Install a powered exhaust ventilator in the attic.

– Install operating roof window/skylight at loft or finished ceilings at uppermost level.

Copyright (2003) CBCG – Reprinted with permission