Another Benefit of Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace? In my house?

“No way! It is good old wood for me or nothing at all.” So goes the prevalent attitude of many Canadians. Perhaps we are merely seeking our roots (pun intended) as gatherers of wood. But wait! Gas fireplaces do have a place in our homesteads … or at the office. Here is why.

It is the best kind of supplementary heat.

A factory-built gas fireplace is the most cost effective means to add heat to any cooler zone in a house. Normally, these spaces are basements or additions, such as a family room. Total comfort can now be provided. Isn’t a gas fireplace better to look at than an electric baseboard heater?

It is a back-up central heating system.

Remember the ice storm? Should there be a prolonged power outage your central heating system, whether it be a boiler or furnace, will not function. Even though the fuel energy source may be gas or oil, the controls and the means to distribute the heat throughout the house are reliant on electricity. A gas fireplace does not require electricity to operate. A gas fireplace would output enough heat so that the house could continue to be occupied AND NOT VACATED.

Copyright (2003) CBCG – Reprinted with permission