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Types of Inspections

1. Pre-Purchase Home Inspections
Our specialized service helps you manage the risk of buying an older property. Our balanced and accurate evaluation provides you with your short-term action plan and help determinative. The pre-purchase home inspection protects consumers risk like no other service.

Pre-Purchase Sample Report: 123 Maple Street

2. Inspections for Home Sellers
Selling a home can be more stressful than buying a home. Sellers can be vulnerable to the home inspection process as a condition of sale. Prudent home sellers eliminate any surprises by having a competent inspection performed for them first. Your home is going for a job interview. A home inspection report is akin to a resume.

Pre-List Sample Report: 123 Maple Avenue

3. Newly Built Homes
Most buyers of newly built homes in Ontario are protected by the Tarion warranty. The system works but it is a passive program; the homeowner is the one who must initiate their concerns. Our inspections and audits ensure that your home is built correctly and completely with all 15,000 parts of the puzzle intact.

New Home Sample Report:

4. Small Commercial Properties 
We perform inspections on stores, offices, strip malls, mixed occupancies and small industrial buildings. Most of our clients will want to change the intended use of the space. We help in determining feasibles and projected costs.

Commercial Sample Report: 123 Baker Street Ave

5. lncome Properties
We have consulted with professional investors over the last 30 years. We know you’re buying income first and foremost. We will help advise how to maintain and improve the property to increase your yield. Other applicable law comes into effect with income properties such as Property Standard By Laws and Fine Code. We are also aware that insurance requirements are more stringent for income properties.

Income Sample Report: See Commercial Report

Other Inspections & Services We Provide

1. Condominiums:  Townhouse + Apartments
2. Research Fund Studies
3. Places of Worship
4. Cottages and Vacation Properties

Additional Services Offered by Our Affiliate Companies

For more information on our other services, please visit RenoLogic at:

  • Renovation Consulting
  • Problem Solving
  • Quality Control
  • Home Maintenance Plans

For assistance with renovation problems or disputes visit our website the Renovation Dispute Specialists at:

  • Construction Dispute Resolution
  • Expert Testimony
  • Court-ready Reports

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