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The report will cover the main functional aspects of the house. It would state the condition of the roof, exterior walls, windows and the garage. It would describe the electrical, heating and plumbing systems and state their relative conditions. The structure of the house would be reviewed and discussed. The report will not focus on minor repair issues such as a cracked window, ill-fitting doors or other items which are not expensive to correct. The house will not be nick-picked. The report will bear scrutiny only if it is issued by an inspection firm with a recognizable name/logo and a good reputation in the marketplace That's us.

Homes that seem to benefit from this type of report are those which are functionally sound but do not show well from a cosmetic perspective. Houses which have visible problems can be clearly explained and cost effective solutions can be provided in the report . This will dispel certain anxieties that any prospective purchaser may have.

It is best for all parties concerned to address problems promptly as they develop. Remember this - anything in a house can be fixed! A good home inspector is able to provide cost effective solutions to fix any problem.

Ideally, our final contract should be with the eventual purchaser. This can only occur provided that we are allowed to provide them with further on-site orientation. A small fee will be charged to the purchaser for this value added service.

Other reasons to obtaining an inspection report as a function of selling/listing a house includes:

  • Having an inspection conducted for the vendor may increase the odds of entertaining an unconditional offer.
  • A complete report will greatly reduce the vendors vulnerability during the acceptance of an offer or upon any renegotiation/abatement situation that may arise.
  • Prior to listing, the vendor is much better informed of the selling process and will be better able to make informed and reasonable decisions when the time comes.
  • The report will make the vendor and listing agent better aware of the observed condition of the house. Should any problems be uncovered by the inspection, the selling team can address it promptly and in non-vulnerable circumstances. You have the luxury of time and our experience to address it cost effectively.
  • The report greatly limits the vendor's risk and the realtor's risk for the future performance of the house.
  • It enables both the vendor and purchaser to negotiate on a level playing field (with respects to the condition of the house). The vendor is definitely in a stronger negotiation position.
  • Houses which have clear visible shortcomings can be explained and properly estimated in the report thus dispelling any unfounded anxieties a prospective purchaser may have.

    Baker Street has a rock solid reputation and proven track record in the field. Let our good name work for your selling team.

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