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Planning is the most important part of any project. Building your dream home is no exception. At Baker Street we assume the role of the owner's broker. We can provide whatever assistance you require. Our involvement at the outset will ensure that the project gets off on the right track.

The program can begin with a preliminary review of the proposed plans and contract. A report could then be produced which documents:

  • accurate budget figures on what construction costs will be as well as what other associated costs will be incurred.
  • what decisions the owner must actively be involved with when undertaking the proposed work.
  • what type of contractor is best suited to perform the work and how to find competent builders.
  • permit and plan requirements
  • cost effective building alternatives and comparative cost analysis (i.e.) value engineering

Additional meetings can be scheduled prior to construction.

  • final review of the architectural plans and building specifications (remember that the specifications form the main body of the contract)
  • a review of the terms pertaining to the construction contract
  • a review of competitive bids

Once construction starts we are often asked to perform progress inspections as the project reaches the end of each phase. We can approve each payment phase if you desire.

The most important inspection to be performed is the final inspection. When the project is substantially complete a review of all work is done. The final report will document any outstanding work to be addressed prior to the release of your final payment.

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