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Construction projects and related contracts can be very complex. A successful job depends on almost everything going right. Sometimes it doesn't. Construction disputes are very common in today's home building and remodeling industry.

Homeowners, or their lawyers, usually contact us well into or at projection completion. Invariably, it is at this stage when disputes come to a head. Homeowners who find themselves on the short end of the stick need our help in one major aspect to help determine their financial loss or contractual shortcoming.

Our technical reports and project review is essentially an audit of the entire scope of work. We generally classify grievances into the following categories:
  • deficient work
  • incomplete work
  • extras charged to contract which are not viable or have been excessively charged
  • material or workmanship substitution of a lesser quality than originally specified
The more project documentation you have in your possession the better. That would include:

  • approved permit drawings
  • construction contract and specifications
  • any correspondence from the builder before or during construction
  • written building department correspondences

We are very knowledgeable in codes and building standards. This awareness helps determine whether there was a breach of contractual obligation on the builder's part.

    Codes and standards we consider include:

  • The Ontario Building Code
  • The Ontario Electrical Safety Code
  • The Ontario Gas Utilization Code
  • Ontario New Home Warranty Program Code and Construction Guide for Housing
  • Being readily available to provide expert testimony is an important obligation of our service to you. Many construction disputes never end up in court, but if yours does we are there to help you all the way.

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