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There has been a sharp rise in the demand for affordable urban rental housing. As such, many homeowners seriously consider the viability of adding a basement apartment or converting the ground floor into a separate dwelling unit.

We highly recommend that you make an application to the Municipal Building Department to achieve legal two unit status. In so doing you will increase the overall value of your house and make it more marketable upon eventual sale.

One very important step that must not be overlooked is the requirement to comply with the Fire Code retrofit regulations.

The four main principles of Fire Safety are:
  • fire alarm and detection systems
  • suppression systems
  • means of containment (smoke and fire)
  • means of egress (exits)

Other safety features that must be considered are:
  • general safety of the electrical system
  • safety of central heating system
  • detection devices for carbon monoxide (Co)

During the proposed alternations to your home or building there will be various options to satisfy the Fire Code. Our consultative service focuses on the most cost effective approach to comply with fire protection regulations. Our report documents the best approach and itemizes each task - step by step.

We do remain available after the inspection to review the report. Remember, this extra telephone consultative service is part of the package - it's free.

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