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We help building owners save time and money. We help make the right repair and maintenance decisions and provide you with the answers to what, how and when. Our service helps avoid unnecessary cost and untimely surprises.

An inspection and consultative service is a one time expense, but will provide lasting value.

Most building owners request us to perform a condition survey and a rehabilitation/ maintenance plan. This service package provides the decision maker with a clear road map on repair requirements, annual budgets and time-frame schedules.

Review the description of the various services we have provided to other building owners. All can be delivered to suit your special needs. We would be most pleased to provide you with references, upon request. Please call us for a fixed quotation on how we can service you best.

Our strength is our knowledge and impartiality. We possess a strong belief that the role of the consultant is to assume the owner's interest and provide them with value ten times above our fee.


The Condition Survey:

The Condition Survey provides the decision makers and repair people with an excellent orientation of the building. Floor plans and building elevations are optional. The Condition Survey is an inventory of major systems and the evaluation of functional components and systems. Items which are not performing their intended purposes are determined. The Condition Survey briefly discusses what building elements are in need of repair, replacement or required to be installed.

The Rehabilitation Plan:

The Rehabilitation Plan provides the owner with a customized action plan based on the findings of the Condition Survey. It discusses what methods of repair are appropriate. Each path will be itemized and prioritized, cost estimates are provided for each path and costs are reflective of the owner's purchasing realities.

The Rehabilitation Plan will also allow decision makers to plan budgets for the short-term and long-term. Value engineering is intrinsic to your action plan; that is the most cost effective and viable solution to achieve the desired result.

The Technical Audit of Operating Systems:

Are the utility bills too high? Alternative or supplementary energy conserving strategies can be documented. This plan will provide the building owner with an annual savings on the operating costs of the building.

Maintenance Schedule:

A dollar of prevention now will definitely avoid a thousand dollar(s) repair down the road. The critical challenge is to ensure that proper maintenance is provided to reach functional element of the building correctly and on time. All buildings are different. Therefore, each building requires a unique maintenance plan. A maintenance plan is also designed to incorporate your realities such as whether in- house or contracted help should be relied upon.

Building Problems - Investigation and Solutions:

Leaks? Comfort problems? Cracking? We zero in on the root cause of the problem. We strive to prescribe the most cost effective and permanent solution. Once again, our impartiality and knowledge of repair techniques will undoubtedly save you unnecessary expense and anguish.

Feasibility Studies:

Should you move or add to your building? What building code requirements and construction costs would you be faced with? What are the building and design options. Our Feasibility Study will provide you with the answers.

Project Planning:

Planning is everything. Execution of that plan should be simple and rewarding. Our goal is to help guide you towards the most timely and cost effective path in order to achieve your primary construction and design objectives.

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