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Pre-purchase Home and Building Inspections
Our specialized service helps you manage the risk of buying an older existing property. Our balanced and accurate evaluation informs and provides you with your short-term action plan. The pre-purchase property inspection protects consumers impending risk like no other service.

Inspections of Home and Building Sellers
Selling a home can be more stressful than buying a home. Vendors can be vulnerable to the home inspection process as a condition of sale. Prudent home sellers eliminate any surprises by having a competent inspection performed for them first.

Problem Solving Inspections
Identifying a house problem, then getting quotations from contractors to repair it may not be wise. No diagnosis? No prognosis? It is a bit like falling very ill and going directly to the pharmacist for a prescription, avoiding the doctor altogether. A home inspector is your knowledgeable, impartial consultant who can evaluate the functional problem and prescribe the most cost effective solution to repair it.

Newly Built Homes During and After Construction
Most buyers of newly built homes in Ontario are protected by the Ontario New Home Warranty program. The program works but it is a passive program; the homeowner is the one that has to initiate their concerns. Our inspections and audits ensure that your home is built correctly and completely with all 15,000 parts of the puzzle intact.

Legal Reports and Expert Testimony
Unfortunately, construction and renovation projects can turn sour. We are experienced in sifting through the complexities of construction contracts and project documentation to accurately assess monies owing and responsibilities outstanding. Our technical legal reports are ably backed up by experienced court testimony if the situation requires.

Cottage and Vacation Property Inspections

Wells, pump houses, docks, barns and septic systems are the norm. Our familiarity with these systems comes from our actual home living experiences and our construction experience.

Pre-renovation and Maintenance Inspections
An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. Prior to committing to expensive home improvements, it is always a good idea to have a thorough inspection of all functional aspects of the house. Our inspections will help avoid double expense. Our advice will also help you realize savings by economies of scale.

Project Planning and Consultations
Planning is the most important part of any project. Your renovation is probably the most important project you will ever plan. Our consultative process will get you on the right track at the outset and help you ensure your project remains on track.

Condition Surveys and Rehabilitation Plans
Our inspections and reports help building owners deal with the decision making complexities of annual budgets and capital improvement planning. Our technical reports contain information useful to committees or boards responsible for the care and management of the building properties.

Places of Worship
Our inspection, report and continued consultation availability provide the advisory board and maintenance committee with the road map to aid in budgeting and priority planning. Our skill lies in accurate budget forecasting, the proper prioritization of repairs and required improvements, as well as prescribing the most cost effective solution to address any given building problem.

Fire code/Retrofit Inspections/Compliance Reports
The owners of rental units have legal and moral responsibilities to ensure that the rental accomodation is a safe and healthy environment for their tenants. Our inspections and consultative service can help you decide your appropriate course of action whether it be to upgrade an existing unit or install a rental unit in your house or building.

Assessments and Evaluations
This service augments real estate appraisals or other types of evaluation assessments. Whether it is your insurance company, mortgage company or certain legal matters, our inspections will provide much needed and added information on the property for the purpose intended.

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