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Shower/Tub Enclosure Repairs

The shower/bathtub enclosure is the most common area of water leaks inside the home. It can be a frustrating exercise to detect the source of the leak when the problem is first detected. Chances are that you are not dealing with a plumbing leak. The problem could be due to a leaky faucet or shower head, for example. In all likelihood, the leak can be traced to a shower/tub enclosure leak.

The following items must be maintained and in good condition at all times:
  • Sealant around soap dishes and other through-wall penetrations

  • Sealant around tub spout and tub/shower faucet assembly.

  • Sealant around joint of wall and bathtub/shower stall floor.

  • Sealant at all intersecting joints between all wall corners and other intersecting joints.

  • Sealant between walls, tub and shower door assembly.

  • Sealant or mastic joint around the tub or shower drain.

  • Grout between ceramic/marble tiles on walls and shower floors.

  • Observe proper installation and usage of shower door assembly.

  • Installation and usage of shower curtain assembly.

  • Corner guards or drip guards are recommended to be installed at outside corner of both ends of the bathtub.

  • Repair/replace ceramic tiled step/threshold at opening of shower enclosure.

  • Review periodically for any loose, dislodged tiles or accessories.

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